Dao and Brothers Law Firm provides clients with a variety of legal services and utilities. Our strength lies in participating in the proceedings to resolve civil cases; commercial business; marriage and family; criminal. The Law Firm also has extensive experience in tax advisory; financial – banking consultancy; business consultancy; investment advisory, especially construction investment projects; consulting, drafting contracts … Throughout two decades of operation, the Firm has been highly appreciated by businesses, large-scale financial institutions and State agencies for its professionalism and quality of legal services.

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The predecessor of Dao and Brothers Law Firm Limited (Law Firm) is Dao and Brothers Law Office, established in 2002. Inheriting rich experiences in organization and operation as well as professional reputation from the Law Office, Dao and Brothers Law Firm Limited were officially established on November 1st, 2011.

In addition to providing charged services to customers, the Law Firm also fulfills its social responsibility with free legal advisory on mass media to disseminate legal knowledge to the public, citizen; providing legal aid for policy families, people in difficult circumstances…

Dao and Brothers Law Firm is one of the Vietnamese law firms with a pioneering strategy in serving Vietnam’s international integration and providing legal services for MNCs, corporations and real estate projects. The Law Firm has extensive experience in working with domestic and foreign partners and clients. In April 2014, Dao and Brothers Law Firm opened a branch at Empire Building, 26-28 Ham Nghi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Awaring of our mission to listen, share and protect the maximum rights and interests of customers, Dao and Brothers has built basic principles as a guideline for all activities of the Company. Our principles are:

– Listening, understanding and sharing the difficulties of customers;

– Best protect the rights and interests of customers on the basis of compliance with the law;

– Create trust and build long-term relationships with customers based on a sustainable foundation;

– Absolute confidentiality of customer information;

– Comply with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Lawyers.


Coming to Dao and Brothers Law Firm, clients will be satisfied and assured when legal difficulties and problems are listened to, empathised and resolved by a team of experienced lawyers and experts on a timely and accurate manner.

With high-quality services, comprehensive and effective solutions, we commit that you will be guaranteed legal safety and maximum protection of your legal rights and interests.

The Law Firm aims to be a companion, a legal bridge serving domestic and international corporations during the intergration – development journey.

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Corporate consultaiton
Consultation on: incorporation, corporate restructure, M&A, dissolution, bankruptcy, legal advisory, internal management …
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Tax – Finance
Providing legal infos on tax regimes and policies. Advisory on legally-appropriate accounting; taxation laws; representing individuals/entities to work with governmental tax departments; …
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Contractual consultation
Advisory on contract format; Drafting/proofreading contracts; Represent or accompanying clients to negotiate contracts;Advisory on contractual implementation and disputes.
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Investment projects
Adisory on project incorporation; investment procedures; Representing investor to implement legal procedures; Consult on legal matters incurred throughtout the project lifetime.
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